Animal Spay/Neuter Size Lowest Price Highest Price
Cat (female) Spay any $85. $220.
Cat (male) Neuter any $50. $230.
Dog (female) Spay under 20lbs $110. $350.
Dog (female) Spay 20lbs-50lbs $110. $350.
Dog (female) Spay 50lbs-80lbs $110. $350.
Dog (female) Spay 80lbs-100lbs $110. $350.
Dog (female) Spay 100lbs + $110. $350.
Dog (male) Neuter under 20lbs $72. $350.
Dog (male) Neuter 20lbs-50lbs $72. $350.
Dog (male) Neuter 50lbs-80lbs $72. $350.
Dog (male) Neuter 80lbs-100lbs $72. $350.
Dog (male) Neuter 100lbs + $72. $350.

The estimated prices listed, at left, are only a general range. They do not guarantee pricing for the spay or neuter of your pet. Wag Jackson recommends that you consult with a veterinarian about any information provided. A list of local vets.

Grant Program

People 50 and older can apply for a spay and neuter grant. Currently, the grant covers $60 for cats and $75 for dogs.

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